Weddings & Banquets

"My wedding was a complete disaster!"

These are the words of a newly-wed bride I talked to last month.  She had tried to plan the outdoor wedding of her dreams.  She told me that a couple of weeks before the big day even came, she was sick with worry and was crying herself to sleep at night.  Why?  Because she had too much to do - it was crushing her!

Well, she made it to the big day in one piece and everything was going as well as it could.  It ended up raining and they stayed fairly dry under the tent, but the food was cold (it was outside after all) and her friend who promised to serve drinks during the reception had to stay home with her sick kids!  Luckly her brother jumped in and tended the bar, but I told her she could have saved herself a lot of work, worrying, and trouble if she had talked to me from the get go.

If you really want to have a wedding day that you, your family and friends will remember, find someone who will do most of the work for you. Choose the wedding reception venue and caterer that will provide you with everything you're looking for.  Someone you can trust with the experience to serve you best.  Call around and talk to a couple of different wedding venues/catereres.  Ask them lots of questions and make them go into detail.  Don't let them strong arm you into signing a contract right away.  Do a side by side comparison.  Look for:

  • Top Quality Service - your guest won't be waiting for minutes (or hours - yes I've seen it happen) to be served by some old lady volunteering her time
  • Great Value - you get what you pay for, but we give you more - spend those extra bucks on the honey moon
  • Flexability - you're the bride and you're gonna get what you want.  This day is all about YOU!
  • Dependability - no last minutes suprises that throw you for a loop
  • Honesty - no hidden fees or extra charges you didn't expect

Your wedding day should be a beautiful start to the rest of your lives together.  Let our years of expereince help make planning your perfect day a lot easier.  Plus, our affordable wedding packages will save you money (use that extra cash to make your honeymoon fantastic)!

Mark Bares
Owner - Les & Jim's Lincoln Lanes