Free Packer Party!

Free Packer Party Offer

If you are looking at this site right now, you are guaranteed one of these packages.  All you have to do is fill in you information and a staff member from Lincoln Lanes will call you to set up the date and time.  Once 20 people book their date, this site will be shut down!

So instead of staying home and dirtying up the place and the the wife or girlfriend yelling at ya....Come to Les & Jim's Lincoln Lanes and take advantage of this outrageous offer!

  • YOU'LL SAVE A BUNCH OF MONEY - Think about how much you spend when you go somewhere for a game. How much do you usually spend on food and drinks? Well if all your food is covered, then this is going to save you 25%-50% on what you’d usually spend and everyone else in your group is going to save a ton of money too! If you have 10 people that’s at least $100-$150 in savings if you figure $10-$15 that you are saving on food!
  • PICK ANY GAME - It doesn’t matter what Packer game you want to use this for! Pick any game!
  • KEEP THE PEACE - you get to have fun with your family & friends while your house stays in one piece!!